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Betbubbles is a non pari-mutuel online horse betting service, dedicated to delivering the thrill and excitement of racetrack betting through the convenience of the Web. From the latest odds, payouts and entry information, provides its clients with all of the information they need to make a smart horse bet online. Members can place secure bets on over 75 horse racing tracks and see the race results immediately after the race has been declared "official". No waiting, telephone calls or hassles. In addition, provides its horse players with full online accounting to verify account balances and winnings. is a safe, secure, and easy-to-use horse wagering system that makes betting the ponies a fun pastime again. Pick a horse from your home or office PC, and you can ride home a winner today. offers everything the sophisticated horseplayer requires and several features available nowhere else. is designed to deliver the 5 most important things in placing horse wagers online. Track Selection - over 75 thoroughbred and Harness tracks. Ease of Use - designed for horse players, by horse players. Speed in Placing Wagers.Wagers Placed the Latest and Graded the Fastest.Cash rebate on every horse wager. Cash Rebate Program believes that the Horseplayer deserves to be treated better. Finally, a no nonsense rebate program that does just that. Now you can get cash back just for betting playing your horses with The more you wager the more you make. Say you wager $3200 in a given week. Your rebate would be $3200 x .03 = $96 deposited directly into your account. What could be easier than wagering over your PC and receiving cash every time you make a wager?! Over the years, ehorse has given out 5.9 millions in customer rebates... and counting.